Performance-enhancing drugs that entrepreneurs rarely seem to use (expert network calls)

Expert network calls I think are looked at like legal performance-enhancing drugs for investors — every investor uses them, they’re incredibly helpful (if done correctly), and nobody likes saying they use them.

What’s impressive is that entrepreneurs seem to rarely use this resource, but before we address that:

A Primer

That background out of the way, what blows me away is that entrepreneurs seem to so rarely leverage this resource. Let’s say you’ve raised even just $500k-1M at a seed / pre-seed round and you’re building a B2B software product that you want to sell at $50k+ ACVs, why wouldn’t you pay $25k to talk to 25 budget owners / decision-makers / technical experts at major companies? Operate your company on the other $475k and spend $25k to deeply understand your customers without needing to send cold emails, ask for intros, etc. (where you’ll get biased feedback anyway). You can pick up super valuable insights that will much more quickly find you product-market fit, assuming you ask the right questions:

The questions you can ask

So why don’t entrepreneurs use this resource?

I don’t have a great answer. It might be this anti-consultant / anti-old-world culture / that you should be finding exports and customers by hustling through your own network. Or maybe entrepreneurs already do this and like investors, they just don’t like talking about it. Who knows…

The “Pro Tips”, if you do want to leverage these calls

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